Young Changemakers Programme - Rural Immersion Bootcamp Inauguration Ceremony Held at the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi

Young Changemakers Programme - Rural Immersion Bootcamp Inauguration Ceremony Held at the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi

The Young Changemakers Programme - Rural Immersion Bootcamp at the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi (IIM Ranchi) was inaugurated on May 26, 2023. This initiative, designed to inspire and empower the next generation of change-makers and social innovators, aims to provide school students with a unique opportunity to explore the challenges faced by tribal villages and develop practical solutions.

The inauguration ceremony, held at IIM Ranchi, witnessed the presence of esteemed guests, faculty members, students of IIM Ranchi and the young change-makers. The Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court, Justice Sanjaya Kumar Mishra along with other dignitaries, graced the occasion with their presence. In his opening speech, the Chief Justice highlighted the importance of cultivating a generation of individuals who possess not only knowledge and skills but also a deep sense of social responsibility. He commended the Young Changemakers Programme for its exceptional vision in providing students with an immersive experience in rural communities, where they can witness first-hand the challenges faced by underprivileged sections of society. He emphasized the role of participants in becoming catalysts for positive change and shaping a brighter future for Jharkhand and beyond.

The Chief Justice of Jharkhand further urged the participants to embrace the opportunity wholeheartedly, immerse themselves in the experiences of the people they encounter during the program, and let those experiences fuel their creativity and problem-solving abilities. He emphasized the need for collaboration, cooperation, and collective vision in creating a better world.

The Director of IIM Ranchi, Prof. Deepak Kumar Srivastava, expressed his gratitude to the Chief Justice and other dignitaries for gracing the occasion and highlighted the reasons behind implementing the Young Changemakers Programme. He emphasized the institute's commitment to being socially responsive and its focus on connecting with the challenges faced by tribal communities. Prof. Srivastava highlighted the integration of elective courses in tribal languages and the cultivation of social intelligence alongside academic knowledge. The event concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Prof. Angshuman Hazarika.

The inauguration ceremony marks the beginning of the Young Changemakers Programme, which will enable school students to gain a deep understanding of rural challenges and develop practical solutions. Through critical thinking, empathy, and engagement with the local community, the participants will be equipped with the necessary skills to become effective change-makers.

The Indian Institute of Management Ranchi is proud to spearhead this initiative and believes in the power of education and social responsibility in creating a positive impact in society. The institute expresses its gratitude to the Chief Justice, the esteemed guests, faculty members, and all participants for their presence and support.