UG Admission 2022: UGC Asks Universities, Colleges To Strengthen Anti-Ragging Measures

UG Admission 2022: UGC Asks Universities, Colleges To Strengthen Anti-Ragging Measures

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has urged institutions to raise awareness of the consequences of ragging and to implement an anti-ragging procedure in advance of the beginning of the academic session 2022-23 at various colleges and universities. As per UGC, every academic year, all students and their parents need to complete an online anti-ragging undertaking at –

The commission stated that ragging is a criminal offence and that the UGC has created laws to prevent ragging in higher educational institutions, and that the application of these guidelines, including the monitoring mechanism, is essential.

The UGC stated,” If any institution fails to take adequate steps to prevent ragging or does not act in accordance with these regulations or fails to punish perpetrators of incidents of ragging suitably, it will attract punitive action against itself by the UGC”.

In order to strengthen the anti-ragging mechanism through adequate exposure through various channels, the UGC instructed higher educational institutions to form an anti-ragging committee and anti-ragging squad, establish an anti-ragging cell, install CCTV cameras, hold anti-ragging workshops and seminars, and update all websites with complete details of nodal officers, alarm bells, and more.

The UGC has also encouraged higher education institutions to have frequent engagement and counselling with students, to identify trouble triggers, and to include an anti-ragging warning in the institution's e-prospectus and e-information booklets or brochures.

Surprising inspections of hostels, students, accommodation, canteens, rest and recreation rooms, restrooms, and bus stops must be conducted, and anti-ragging posters must be placed in public areas such as admissions centres, departments, libraries, canteens, hostels, common facilities, and others.