The Continuous lagging session in Magadh University raised the concern of students ; taking five years in the three year course

The Continuous lagging session in Magadh University raised the concern of students ; taking five years in the three year course

The future of graduate and postgraduate students in the colleges of Magadh University seems to be turning dark. Here the course of three years is taking five years, and even then the course is not being completed. Whereas, the two-year course is completed in three to four years. Neither the examination of graduate students is being taken on time nor their results are being declared on time.

Students are not able to enroll in the next class

The situation is that the students who have taken admission in Part One in 2018 have not yet completed the course, while the graduation course is of only three years. Similarly, in 2019 and 2020 also, the examination of the students who took admitted to Part One has not been taken, due to which they have not been able to enroll in the next class.

Students unable to appear in competitive exams

After passing the intermediate, the students had a goal that after doing a three-year course, they would look for a job in PG or by appearing in various competitive examinations. But, due to the system of the university, the future of the students is looking bleak. Parents are worried, the course of the children is not being completed and due to this, they are not able to appear in any competitive exams.

After the publication of the exam results, the problem will go away.

DSW Professor Brajesh Rai of Magadh University says that the situation has gone awry due to the pending results of two sessions i.e. Part One and Part Two. Enrollment and examination will be organized after the publication of examination results and the problems of session delay will also be removed.


Course not completed, can't even appear in competitive exam

Kajal Singh, a student of Gaya College, told that she had enrolled in Part One in 2019, now 2022 is about to end, but till now the Part One exam has not been taken. Because of this, neither she has been able to complete her graduation course nor can she appear in any competitive examinations. In such a situation, dissatisfaction is also increasing.


Appearing in competitive exams became a dream

Ankit Kumar, a student of AM College, told that he had enrolled in the 2020-23 session. Till now the examination has not been taken, due to which there has been a break in his further studies. Now he is not able to understand when the graduation course will be completed and how he will be able to appear in various competitive exams. His aim is to go to civil services, but due to the poor system, everything seems to be collapsing.


Degree not cleared, can't even apply for private Job

Raviranjan, a student of Magadh University, told that his final year has been clear in 2020, but till now he didn't get the degree in hand due to official excuses, and As a result, he was not able to apply for a single private job in the state or outside the state. And Somehow, it leads to frustration, and cause mental health issue as he is not able to earn for their survival and look forward to their parents. And He is still dependent on his parents for survival.