TEDxIITHyderabad 2024 Unveils Theme: "Cirkles: Infinity in a Stroke" - A Celebration of Ideas, Innovation, and Inspiration

TEDxIITHyderabad 2024 Unveils Theme: "Cirkles: Infinity in a Stroke" - A Celebration of Ideas, Innovation, and Inspiration

With just days remaining until the highly anticipated TEDxIITHyderabad event, organizers proudly announce the theme for the 2024 gathering: "Cirkles: Infinity in a Stroke." Scheduled for April 7th, 2024, this event promises an unforgettable exploration of ideas, innovation, and inspiration.

TED, originating in 1984 as a conference uniting Technology, Entertainment, and Design, has evolved under the motto "Ideas Worth Spreading" to encompass a vast array of topics in over 100 languages. Independently organized TED events, denoted by the 'x', bring together local enthusiasts worldwide to feature live speakers and TED Talk recordings, igniting community conversations.

Since its establishment in 2015, TEDxIITHyderabad has spearheaded creativity, dialogue, and positive change within local communities. The theme for 2024, "Cirkles: Infinity in a Stroke," delves into the profound symbolism of circles and their myriad interpretations. The circle, often equated with the universe, embodies perpetuity and inclusivity, symbolizing concepts from 'Shunya,' representing the past or nothingness, to wholeness and completeness in the present, while also suggesting infinite potential for the future. Moreover, the circle signifies cycles, portraying repetitive patterns alongside opportunities for growth. Its universal resonance renders the circle a limitless canvas for boundless ideas, with the guiding "K" symbolizing a metaphorical compass providing direction amid life's complexities, particularly during challenging times. From its simplest form to encompassing the cosmos, the circle reflects various dimensions and phenomena, exemplified by Archimedes' quest to solve circle equations amidst adversity, highlighting the profound significance of this fundamental shape in encapsulating the entirety of existence.

TEDxIITHyderabad 2024 guarantees an immersive experience featuring captivating talks, interactive sessions, and opportunities for networking and collaboration. The full-day event will take place at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.

The lineup of speakers comprises prominent thought leaders and changemakers poised to share their unique perspectives on diverse topics, inspiring attendees to embrace novel ideas and viewpoints.

**Event Details:**
- **Event Name:** TEDxIITHyderabad 2024
- **Theme:** "Cirkles: Infinity in a Stroke"
- **Date:** April 7th
- **Time:** 10 AM - 6 PM
- **Venue:** IIT Hyderabad Convention Center, Auditorium 1

- Sayaji Shinde: Actor, Producer, and Founder of Sahyadari Devrai
- Kalpana Ramesh: Founder & CEO of ‘The Rain Water Project’
- P Anuradha Reddy: Principal Scientist, CSIR
- Justice P. Sree Sudha: High Court Judge of Telangana State
- Sandeep Chatterjee: Supply Chain and Sustainability leader at IBM
- Carolyn Chittilappilly: Wellness Consultant, Yoga Educator, and Mentor
- Siddharth Mukherjee: Nature & Wildlife Photographer and Blogger
- Monisha Vemavarapu and Neha Swain: Co-Founders of Rubaroo

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