Odisha Govt. Asks Universities To Aid Manipur Students

Odisha Govt. Asks Universities To Aid Manipur Students

The Higher Education department of the Odisha Government has made an earnest appeal to both government and private universities under its jurisdiction to offer support and assistance to students from Manipur who are pursuing their education in these institutions.

In response to letters received from Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey and Manipur Chief Secretary Vineet Joshi requesting aid for the Manipuri students, the department urged universities to provide details about the students’ concerns and the measures taken by the institutions to address their problems.

The Manipur Governor, in her communication to Odisha Governor Ganeshi Lal, expressed deep concern for the well-being of the students. She emphasized the need to ensure that these students are not negatively impacted in their educational pursuits amidst unforeseen circumstances and a critical juncture.

The Manipur Chief Secretary highlighted that due to a law-and-order situation, internet services in Manipur had been temporarily suspended since May 3. Consequently, many students from Manipur were facing difficulties in submitting online application forms for college and university admissions across the country.

In light of these challenges, the chief secretary requested the authorities of Odisha universities and educational institutions to allow the submission of application forms in hard copies through postal services or couriers on behalf of the Manipuri students. Additionally, he sought an extension of the application submission deadline for students from Manipur.

Following the receipt of these letters, the Higher Education department sought comprehensive information about the specific issues encountered by Manipur students studying in Odisha. Moreover, the institutions were requested to provide details about the steps they have taken or plan to take to resolve these issues.