Lucknow University to induct ‘Transformation of Ayodhya’ in its MBA programme

Lucknow University to induct ‘Transformation of Ayodhya’ in its MBA programme

Lucknow University will be introducing a topic on 'Transformation of Ayodhya' in its 2-year MBA programme from the academic session 2024-25. A decision regarding this was taken during a meeting on Thursday.

The paper will be introduced in the 4th semester and will be a four-credit course on "innovation and design thinking". Students will get an opportunity to study the real-time transformation of Ayodhya in terms of management at various functional levels.The content shall be presented in the form of a case on disruptive innovation. The convergence of traditional and modernity, new development as a transformative force in the lives of Ayodhya’s residents, remarkable metamorphosis, learning and their importance along with values for sustainability shall be captured, said a professor of MBA programme.

Case study will be developed on related aspects to cater to the students. It shall be introduced in the next session MBA program, IVth semester 4-credit course on “Innovation and Design Thinking”, students shall get an opportunity to study real time transformation of Ayodhya in terms of management at various functional levels.

Prof Sangeeta Sahu, the head of business administration department, shared the avenue of teaching and learning through internship, project and field study to prepare narrative, build dialogue with the people of Ayodhya and analyse the process.

The course also enables students to explore the source and recognition of opportunities, develop techniques for generating new ideas, generating commercial value for innovation and assessing business potential in given region and contributing to skill development among students, Prof Sahu said.

"We are introducing Transformation of Ayodhya as a paper that will focus on the shift in the entire ecosystem through changes in different spheres of Ayodhya i.e from an ancient city to a sprawling modern pilgrimage centre," said vice-chancellor Prof Alok Kumar Rai.

He said this was an opportunity to develop a better understanding of the processes involved in its design and outcome.

Rai, who is also a management faculty at Banaras Hindu University, said: "This endeavour is a chance for students to witness the transformation and imbibe it through experiential learning. The dreams envisioned and realized in the making of Ayodhya, not only travel from a glorious past of spirituality, culture, tradition, and heritage but also connect to the modern world of global influence, divinity, and faith.