Karnataka: 3 Students Of Udupi Medical College Suspended For Recording Classmate In Restroom

Karnataka: 3 Students Of Udupi Medical College Suspended For Recording Classmate In Restroom

An incident at a private paramedical college in Udupi has escalated into a communal dispute after three Muslim woman students were suspended for allegedly recording a prank video of a Hindu student in the restroom. While the college management and police maintain that there was no criminal intent and the video was deleted, right-wing groups have been spreading rumours of a larger Jihadi conspiracy, leading to tension in the region.

The college chairman stated that the suspension was due to two reasons: the violation of the ban on mobile phones on campus and the alleged recording of a classmate in the restroom. The victim, however, did not wish to file a police complaint and claimed to be acquainted with the three students involved. Despite this, the right-wing student organization, All College Student Power demanded police investigation and action against the accused women, adding to the escalating tensions.

Police Investigation and Refutation of Claims

The Udupi police conducted a thorough investigation and found no evidence of the alleged video being shared among Muslim men. The Additional Superintendent of Police clarified that the incident was an isolated one within the college and had no communal angle. He emphasized that the purported victim did not want to file a police complaint, further downplaying the communal aspect.

Incident Amidst a History of Hijab Ban Controversy

The incident occurred a year after a hijab ban controversy in Karnataka, where Udupi was at the centre of heated disputes over Muslim students wearing hijabs in colleges. Although this recent incident is unrelated to the hijab ban issue, it adds to the charged atmosphere, necessitating a call for restraint and unity from authorities.