IIT Hyderabad rejoiced in the yearlong Crystal Year Celebration, the Decennial Celebration for Graduates of 2013 and  the Annual Alumni Day 2023

IIT Hyderabad rejoiced in the yearlong Crystal Year Celebration, the Decennial Celebration for Graduates of 2013 and the Annual Alumni Day 2023

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad celebrated its 4th Annual Alumni Day on December 17, 2023, in hybrid mode to facilitate larger involvement.  This year, the Institute has announced the 4th set of Alumni Awards to encourage entrepreneurship among IITHians and serve the motto to serve Humanity. The following alumni have received the awards under the categories:

Dr Arghya Pal, BTech (2021), Department of Computer Science and Engineering: Excellence in Academics and Technology Development.

Dr  Md Azahar Ali PhD (2014), Department of Biomedical Engineering: Excellence in Academics and Technology Development.

Mr  Aditya Aagare, BTech (2016), Department of Chemical Engineering: Promising Entrepreneur.

Mr Vishnu Vikyath G. BTech (2014), Department of Electrical Engineering: Promising Entrepreneur (Special Mention).

Mr Pramod Rangarajan, BTech (2012), Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: Distinguished Contribution to the Institute Building.

Dr Rajesh Reddy Datla, PhD (2022), Department of Computer Science and Engineering: Distinguished contribution to society and nation-building.

 During her welcome speech, Dr Mudrika Khandelwal, Dean of Alumni and Corporate Relations, expressed the institution's commitment to fostering alumni connections. She stated, "We aim to keep our alumni engaged and will actively create platforms for their contributions, enhancing the reputation of their alma mater. This year, we have organized city-wise meet-and-greets, including four in India and three abroad - one in the US and two in Japan. We take pride in the culture instilled in our alumni, motivating them to contribute meaningfully to society."

 Speaking to the Alumni, Prof Bharat Bhooshan Panigrahi, Dean (Academics), emphasized on the importance of networking and Prof K Venkatasubbaiah, Dean (Students), talked about the importance of contributing to society.

 Inspiring the alumni with his fervent words, Prof B S Murty, Director of IITH, emphasized, "The core principle of IITH has always been a commitment to uniqueness and distinctiveness, evident in every aspect, from our campus architecture to our courses. The recently unveiled iconic three-faced tower symbolizes the national, international, and sustainable facets of IITH. Actively engaging in various national initiatives, such as successfully hosting the G20 event on Digital Technologies, including 5G/6G autonomous navigation, and contributing to the research ecosystem by providing approximately 480 equipment through the i-STEM program, underscores our dedication."

Prof Murty highlighted the establishment of several centres of excellence, an entrepreneurship ecosystem, and a noteworthy BUILD project in collaboration with GREENKO focused on student-driven innovation for the entire nation. Additionally, IITH has taken proactive measures through iCET to promote collaboration between India and the USA in crucial sectors like semiconductors, advanced materials, telecommunications, and health.

 Prof Murty conveyed the belief that a collaborative effort involving alumni, students, and faculty has the potential to propel the institute to greater heights, making it not just the best in the nation but a leading institution on the global stage.

 Discussing the initiatives of the Institute's Alumni Association, Ms Pratyusha, President, along with Mr Anjana, VP (India) of the IITH Alumni Association (IITHAA), expressed their commitment to building upon the legacy established by previous associations. In the current term, the Alumni Association has worked in collaboration with the Office of Annual Relations and Media & Alumni Cell to expand the Startup and Mentoring Culture at IITH, as evidenced by the newly revamped IITHAA website. The focus now is on fostering stronger connections within the alumni community, with plans to appoint a State Secretary in every geographical region in India and abroad. They also intend to share their experiences and insights gained since initiating this effort in 2014.

 Alumni Awardees and other Alumni have also shared how they can contribute to the growth of the IITH.

 On December 16, the cultural program, followed by a special evening get-together, was planned for Decennial Batch 2013. On December 17, the day started with the formal event followed by a networking lunch in the Convention Centre, a Mentoring session with students, Departmental interaction and a conclusion of the celebration with some sports activities