IIT Hyderabad Alumni Association has announced its first  10-on-10 winners during Alumni Summit 2022

IIT Hyderabad Alumni Association has announced its first 10-on-10 winners during Alumni Summit 2022

For decades, IITs have been the heart of innovation for decades and have produced some of the world's most influential leaders like Sunder Pichai (Google CEO), Arvind Agrawal (Delhi CM, founder AAP) and Raghuram Rajan (ex RBI Governor), among others, the list can be endless. 

IIT Hyderabad Alumni Association (IITHAA), an independent organization for the alumni of the alumni, and by the alumni of IIT Hyderabad, set out to create the inaugural 10-on-10 list at “10/10 Alumni Summit 2022”, inspired by recognitions like MIT Innovators under 35 and Forbes 30 under 30.

The 10/10 Alumni Summit 2022 is the first-of-its-kind event in India to promote and celebrate visionary leadership among the young brains that impact India and the world. It also aims to make visionary leadership thinking a part of culture and society by encouraging the minds to be their best versions. Summit will include an official release of a magazine consisting of the stories of awardees and the jury, along with a press and media interaction followed by a networking dinner.

The 10-on-10 list honours and recognizes the next 10 big visionaries & most Influential Alumni of IIT Hyderabad. A jury of distinguished leaders from different geographies and diverse domains will examine the nominations to recognize these visionaries.

“We believe that the young minds of India are capable of being the torch-bearers of visionary leadership for the rest of the world. Through Summit, visionaries will be sharing pointers on inculcating leadership traits, and become best versions of ourselves”, said, R Sai Chandra Teja, President, IIT Hyderabad Alumni Association.

While delivering the Chief Guest address (India), Dr Krishna Ella, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director Bharat BioTech, said, “You should follow a problem and find a solution to it is the best service to the society & true success.”

Rejoicing the IITH-Japan Connect the Chief Guest address (Foreign), H.E. Hideaki Domichi,Former Ambassador, Former Senior Vice-President of JICA, said, “IITH will become a hub and nodal centre to cherish Indio-Japan Collaboration.”

Getting nostalgic with the Alumni, Mr Aditya Aagare, BTech (2016_ & Director, Thermoflyde Industries Private Limited, said, “This award validates that my efforts are in the right direction upon not only getting 10 on 10 award but also Best Entrepreneur award by Dr Ajai Chowdhry, Founder- HCL, Chairman - EPIC Foundation and one of the eminent jury of 10 on 10.”

Expressing delight to see the enthusiastic Alumni, Dr Mudrika Khandelwal, Dean (Alumni Relations), said, “IITH since beginning was like a big start-up and I urge our alums to not have aspiration but also flexibility to adapt to the environment.”

The Winners of 10 on 10 for 2022 are:

1.      Pranay Patil - A graduate student at Harvard University

2.      Namratha Vedire - Director, Platform & Operations | Engage • Yale Roberts Fund | Advisory Board Member

3.      Prasanth Chatarasi - Research Staff Member at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY, USA

4.      Karthik Varada - Venture Capitalist at Beyond Next Ventures

5.      Mridul Hedau - Technical officer, Indian Airforce

6.      Tarun Banoth - Co-founder and Director of Thermoflyde Industries Private Limited(TIPL)

7.      Srikant Manas Kala - Co-founded PDGRB Trust and Manas Foundation

8.      Aditya Aagare - Co-founder and Director of Thermoflyde Industries Private Limited(TIPL)

9.      Nagarjuna Malempati - Principle Engineer for Meta

10.   Mohammad Salimuddin - Manager - Materials Management of ONGC