IIT Gandhinagar to host 13th Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing (ICVGIP 2022)

IIT Gandhinagar to host 13th Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing (ICVGIP 2022)

The Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) is going to host the 13th edition of the Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP) from December 08 to 10, 2022. The premier international conference, dedicated to fostering the community of researchers and enthusiasts in these fields, is being organised in association with the Indian Unit for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IUPRAI), an affiliate of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR).

More than 300 delegates, including students, faculty members, and industry experts from India and abroad, are going to participate in the conference, which is lined up with exciting sessions on emerging areas of Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing. There are going to be three plenary talks – Dr Tali Dekel, Assistant Professor at the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at the Weizmann Institute, Israel, and a Staff Research Scientist at Google, is going to talk about “Strong Interpretable Priors Are All We Need”; Dr Thomas Muller, Principal Research Scientist at NVIDIA Research, will talk about “Instant NGP: Neural Networks in High-Performance Graphics”; and Prof Santanu Chaudhury, Director of IIT Jodhpur and Professor (on lien) in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi, will deliver a lecture on “Towards Multi-sensory Perception”.

Several leading national and international brands have partnered with IITGN for ICVGIP 2022, including Qualcomm, Adobe, L&T Technology Services, Samsung, Google, TCS Research, Bosch, and Vehant Technologies. During the industry sessions, participants will get to hear some of the industry experts talk about – “Enabling the Metaverse with Qualcomm”; “Camera Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform”; “Under Display Camera: A Breakthrough Innovation”; “Image and Video Editing via Manipulating Intermediate Representations”; and “Compute Vision Sensing in Field Safety and Defect Tracking Applications”.

Besides, there are going to be tutorial sessions on the topics - Physics-based Rendering in the Service of Computational Imaging; Designing and Optimising Computational Imaging Systems with End-to-End Learning. It will also have oral and spotlight sessions, a doctoral symposium, and Vision India on topics like Advanced Surgical Assistance Systems for Smart Health Care; Deep Neural Networks with Limited Supervision; An Automated System for the Assessment of Interview Performance Through Audio and Emotion Cues; Masked Student Dataset of Expressions; Split and Knit: 3D Fingerprint Capture with a Single Camera; A Dataset and Model for Crossing Indian Roads; REF-SHARP: REFined face and geometry reconstruction of people in loose clothing; Depth estimation using Stereo Light Field Camera; Dense or Sparse: Crowd Counting with Binary Supervision; Learning from Multiple Datasets for Recognizing Human Actions, and so on.