IIM Shillong’s Dr. Kalam Center And Mizoram Youth Commission, Government Of Mizoram Signed A Memorandum Of Understanding

IIM Shillong’s Dr. Kalam Center And Mizoram Youth Commission, Government Of Mizoram Signed A Memorandum Of Understanding

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Centre for Policy Research and Analysis, IIM Shillong, and Mizoram Youth Commission (MYC), Government of Mizoram on Friday (26 Aug 2022) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to advance human resource development in the state of Mizoram by helping organizations to create curricula, plan courses, and build capability.

The agreement was signed at Aizawl between Prof. DP Goyal, Director, IIM Shillong, and Dr. Vanlaltanpuia, MLA, Chairman of the MYC in the presence of Mr. Atul Kulkarni, member BOG, IIM Shillong, Zothantluanga, MLA, Vice chairman, Manpower Development Board; R Lalramnghaka, IAS Secy Higher & Technical Education; Chingthanmawii, Deputy Adviser, Planning Department

Following the agreement, a meeting was set up at which the team had a meeting with Shri Zoramthanga, the Honorable Chief Minister of Mizoram.

Mr. Atul Kulkarni, member BOG, IIM Shillong said, “We need to look at the aspirations of the youth, job market and equip youths. We need to stress on Entrepreneurship. The IIM Shillong will help build the groundwork and serve as a catalyst for focused research and decision-making with regard to skill development within the larger economic framework.”

IIM Shillong as a Research and Policy Knowledge Partner by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mizoram Youth Council (MYC), the Government of Mizoram, aims to support Mizoram’s human resource development, assist the government of Mizoram and MYC in particular in identifying skill gaps, offer capacity-building programs for government employees, and support Mizoram’s economic development by encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in promising industries.

Describing the MoU as a far-sighted approach Prof. D.P. Goyal, Director, IIM Shillong said, “By working together with the Government of Mizoram, IIM Shillong (Dr. Kalam Centre) hopes to develop value-added skills in Mizo youth and encourage them to be competent and entrepreneurial. It also hopes to develop a framework for effective and result-driven youth empowerment, particularly in the areas of management development, entrepreneurship development, and capacity building programs.”

Prof. Goyal further said “IIM Shillong is dedicated to fostering cutting-edge knowledge, a vision of expansion, and the mobilization of infrastructure for providing high-quality management education and research in the North Eastern area of India, it is a great pleasure to be cooperating with (MYC), Government of Mizoram.”

MoU signed between IIM Shillong and Mizoram Youth Commission includes the following terms:

  1. Promote Human Resource Development in the state of Mizoram by assisting institutions in developing curriculum, course design and capacity building.
  2. Conduct Skill Mapping in the State of Mizoram. Facilitate the Government of Mizoram and MYC in particular in identifying skill gaps, need assessment and designing of skill development courses as demanded by the industry and aspiration of the youth of Mizoram.
  3. Provide Capacity Building programs for the officials of the Government of Mizoram.
  4. Engage IIM Shillong (Dr. Kalam Centre) in imparting value-added skills to foster competency and entrepreneurship amongst the youth of Mizoram.
  5. Recognize IIM Shillong (Dr. Kalam Centre) as Knowledge Partner for Research, Policy Development, Analysis, Impact Study and Identifying/Recommending necessary interventions.
  6. Support stimulating economic development in the state of Mizoram through innovation and entrepreneurship in the potential sectors.

The Mizoram Youth Commission was set up by an Act of the Mizoram State Legislature. It has been given legal authority to advance, investigate, and improve youth welfare. The Commission focuses its efforts on offering coaching to the All-India Services and Allied Services, State Services and job placements, Skill training and vocational courses, employment generation, and other youth programs.