IIM Ranchi expands its social footprints

IIM Ranchi expands its social footprints

IIM Ranchi's strategic plan prioritises social impact as one of its areas of focus. The institute is committed to fostering a generation of young leaders who will make a tangible social impact and lead organizations with a global orientation and local responsiveness. Reflecting this commitment, IIM Ranchi has launched the Social Impact Internship Project (SIIP) in order to create social impact.

IIM Ranchi students recently visited Bishunpur village from May 2nd, 2023, to May 5th, 2023, as part of their Social Impact Internship Project (SIIP). The visit enabled the students to gain a better understanding of the local trade, commodities, and the needs of the community. This knowledge can be linked to industry demand and monetary value outside the village economy.

The SIIP is being conducted under the guidance of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Vikas Bharti, with an MoU signed between IIM Ranchi, NSDC, and Vikas Bharti. Second-year IPM students aim to link business knowledge with social impact to create responsible business leaders. To achieve this, students will develop innovative business models that help the local community generate a steady income while preserving the region's cultural heritage. The students have divided themselves into three enterprises, with teams working on marketing, operations, and human resources.

During their visit, the students spent several days in the village. They participated in various activities with the locals, learning about the culture, traditions, and daily lives of the people living in the village. They also engaged with the local community and tried to understand their day-to-day issues. The students also visited Van Vigyan Kendra, Bishunpur, a nursery cum research farm for medicinal and aromatic plants. They observed the various medicinal and aromatic plants being grown in the region and wondered about the products they could create from them to sustain the livelihood of the local people. The aim was to give them an opportunity to learn from the community and understand their challenges and think about sustainable livelihood solutions. 

While visiting the weekly haat, the local market, the students gained first-hand experience of the challenges faced by the community in earning a livelihood. They interacted with sellers to learn more about the goods being sold, the conditions under which they live and work, and their aspirations for the future. The students plan to continue their research and work closely with the community to develop innovative solutions that promote sustainability and benefit the locals.

The students also visited a school run by Vikas Bharti, providing education to children from the local community and aiming to empower them with the knowledge that will help them build a better future. The students also had the opportunity to visit a local factory, SFURTI, which specializes in making pickles, jams, and ketchup. The factory sources raw materials from produce. The employees present showed students the machinery used in the production process. They also learned about the factory's marketing and distribution challenges. The students took this opportunity to brainstorm and think of new market options for the products that could increase the factory's revenue.

The trip ended with a visit to Sunset Point at Netarhat, which provided a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. The students took the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and learnings during the trip, which went beyond just their project work.

Overall, the visit was successful with the efforts of NSDC officials, Vikas Bharti officials, and IIM Ranchi professors. It gave students a unique opportunity to develop a more sustainable and inclusive approach towards problem-solving and think about innovative solutions for sustainable livelihoods in the region. The trip also provided the students with a memorable and insightful experience they will carry with them for years.