IIM Jammu's Education Leadership Training Program for the College Principals of Jammu and Kashmir (IV Batch) Concludes on a High Note

IIM Jammu's Education Leadership Training Program for the College Principals of Jammu and Kashmir (IV Batch) Concludes on a High Note

The 'Education Leadership Development Training Program' hosted by the Executive Education and Consultancy (EE&C) division of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu, culminated on 22nd March 2024, marking the successful completion of its intensive five-day schedule. Tailored specifically for the College Principals of Jammu and Kashmir, this program aimed at enriching participants with essential leadership skills crucial for navigating contemporary educational landscapes and meeting the evolving needs of students and communities.

Dr.Rambabu Lavuri,, Program Director at IIM Jammu, commenced the proceedings with a comprehensive presentation of the program report, setting the stage for participants to share their enriching learning experiences. Dr. Muqbil Burhan, Chairperson of the Srinagar Campus, addressed the participants, underscoring the significance of the program and IIM Jammu's commitment to educational excellence in the region.

Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu, joining on online mode expressed his pleasure in engaging with fellow academicians and emphasized key aspects such as youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, and the delivery of quality education. He advocated for a shift towards nurturing job creators and encouraged participants to inspire students to pursue academic excellence in esteemed institutions like IITs and IIMs. He assured unwavering support and emphasized the importance of collaboration and politeness in fostering a conducive learning environment. 

Prof. Jabir Ali, Dean Academics, IIM Jammu highlighting the program's significance, stressed the importance of continuous learning and collaboration among participating colleges. He urged the participants to disseminate the knowledge gained to their students, contributing to the broader educational community and nation-building efforts.

The program aimed to achieve various objectives, including the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, enhancing instructional leadership, fostering effective communication, promoting cultural competence, encouraging innovation and adaptability, and instilling data-informed decision-making skills.

The valedictory ceremony, held at the IIM Jammu Srinagar campus, saw the distribution of certificates to all participants who successfully completed the program. Dr. Parvathy. B, Program Director at IIM Jammu, extended gratitude to all participants and supporters, marking the event's conclusion with the national anthem.

The event was a testament to IIM Jammu's dedication to fostering educational leadership and excellence in the region. Coordinated by the EE&C division, it reflected the institute's commitment to driving positive change in the educational landscape of Jammu and Kashmir.