IIM Jammu Students take ‘Oath to Innovate’ with IIMA Alumni Sh. Sunil Shah – an Academician, Entrepreneur & Advisor

IIM Jammu Students take ‘Oath to Innovate’ with IIMA Alumni Sh. Sunil Shah – an Academician, Entrepreneur & Advisor

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu Foundation for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Skill Development (IIMJ-FEISD) under the leadership of Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu organized the highly anticipated session on “Entrepreneurship” by Sh. Sunil Shah, MD, Motivation Engineers and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Director, Vibrant Motivation and Development Foundation, Member, Suraksha Setu Society, Home Department, Govt. of Gujarat, IIM Ahmedabad Alumni and Chairman of Gujarat Innovation Society (GIS). The IIM Jammu students not only realigned their learning with Innovation and Entrepreneurial Opportunities but also gained insights into the personal traits of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

Dr. Vivek Sharma, Chief Innovation Officer, IIM Jammu, introduced the session advising the students to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset right from their educational stint at IIM Jammu, in order to shape their entrepreneurial journey. Thereafter, he introduced the speaker and extended greetings from the side of the Host Institution.

Sh. Sunil Shah, Academician, Entrepreneur, and Advisor graced the stage and captivated the audience by eloquently describing his scintillating journey through life and detailing his own experience. He encouraged the students to instill vital attributes such as risk-taking and perseverance to be the change agents of today’s world. Furthermore, he highlighted four qualities one should possess to become a rational human or an entrepreneur: observation, being a man of minutes, reading between the lines, and flexibility. Through candid conversations, he emphasized the need to find opportunities in crisis and stressed that setbacks and failures are part of the journey. Building a solid network was presented as a crucial factor, and the speaker explained how networking can lead to multiple opportunities

The event concluded with the CIO engaging with the students, wherein the students enthusiastically shared how they learned (1) The Importance of growing learning (2) how to find opportunities in crisis, (3) the Correlation between Network & Networth, etc., and how they were motivated to innovate and become entrepreneurs eventually. The lecture was a part of the "Distinguished Lecture" series.