IIM Jammu hosts Ms. Preeti Saran, IFS (Retd.) for an interactive session on,"Indian Neighbourhood Policy" as part of MoEA, GoI - Videsh Niti Distinguished Lecture Series

IIM Jammu hosts Ms. Preeti Saran, IFS (Retd.) for an interactive session on,"Indian Neighbourhood Policy" as part of MoEA, GoI - Videsh Niti Distinguished Lecture Series

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu successfully conducted a thought-provoking session by Ms. Preeti Saran, IFS (Retd.) on “Indian Neighbourhood Policy” at its transit campus in Jammu. The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, has taken the initiative to bring ex-Ambassadors to share their views/opinions on contemporary foreign policy themes in a popular lecture series, "Videsh Niti Distinguished Lecture Series," in collaboration with top universities and academic institutions in India.  The event was graced by Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu, Dr. Ashish Kumar, Chairperson, Student Affairs, Dr. Anuja Akhouri, Chairperson, Corporate Communications, and other faculty, officers, staff, and students at the Institute.

Speaking on the occasion, rof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu welcomed Ms. Preeti Saran, IFS (Retd.) on behalf of IIM Jammu.  He gave an overview of IIM Jammu during his address. During this, he also mentioned how India is positioned across the globe. He provided an insight into the upcoming G20 Summit where India has assumed the mantle of the G20 Presidency and working together to shape a new paradigm of human-centric globalization.  During his address, he also emphasized entrepreneurship by being a job creator and not a job seeker.  He also provided an insight into IIM Jammu having Centers of Excellence at Jammu and Srinagar for fostering entrepreneurship in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and thereby paving the path for development. 

Dr. Ashish Kumar, Chairperson, Student Affairs, IIM Jammu gave a formal introduction about Ms. Preeti Saran, IFS (Retd.) to the audience.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Preeti Saran, IFS (Retd.) mentioned the existing foreign policies practiced by India over a period of time. During her address, she also cited the need for exercising more care with the neighboring countries in the Asian Continent ranging from China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Thailand, etc. She mentioned the previous and existing state of affairs of India with its neighboring nations.  She shared important anecdotes from her various stints in countries as a diplomat ranging from Vietnam, Canada, Nepal, Russia, and Myanmar. She cited the ideal example of cross-border integration by citing the example of a country like Indonesia where the chariot of Arjun is a landmark in their nation. She also cited the example of intermarriages that happened between the Royal Family of Nepal and Royal Families in India as an ideal example that will pave the path for more peaceful bilateral relations with neighboring countries. Further, she stated the importance of synergies between neighboring countries by giving the example of the establishment of the Dabur plant in India as well as Bhutan. 

Adding further, she also spoke about the various issues that have been in existence and the way India as a country has conducted itself in holding peaceful relations with all its neighboring countries despite the disturbances it faced. She mentioned the need for handling sensitive issues with neighboring countries with extra care, and attention, along with the need for constant nurturing of relations with them.  She also mentioned the need for media and border management to play a vital role in the improvement of relations between neighborhood countries.  Lastly, she wished good luck and expressed her happiness for conducting such an interesting session with the students whom she referred to as the future of the country.

The interaction was followed by a series of interesting Q & A by the students, faculty, and staff of the Institute.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Anuja Akhouri, Chairperson, of Corporate Communications. The event culminated with the recital of the national anthem.