IIM Jammu hosts a Guest Lecture on, “Entrepreneurship in Management Consulting” by Mr.  Avnish Sabharwal, MD, Accenture Strategy

IIM Jammu hosts a Guest Lecture on, “Entrepreneurship in Management Consulting” by Mr. Avnish Sabharwal, MD, Accenture Strategy

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu under the leadership of Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director,  IIM Jammu organized a keynote address on, “Entrepreneurship in Management Consulting” by globally recognized  authority Mr. Avnish Sabharwal, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy at IIM Jammu state-of-the-art permanent campus  at Jagti. This exclusive session focused on the intriguing topic of "Entrepreneurship in Management Consulting" and  explored the intersection of innovation and strategy in today's dynamic business landscape. 

The session commenced with the tea-plantation, symbolizing a nurturing connection with nature. Moving further, Mr.  Sabharwal was welcomed by Dr. Vivek Sharma, Chief Innovation Officer, and Dr. Atanu Dutta, Placement Officer at IIM  Jammu; his arrival on stage signaled the start of the formal proceedings. 

Mr. Avnish Sabharwal initiated the session by emphasizing the significance of serendipity, highlighting that transitions in  careers and life don't typically occur in isolated environments. He further mentioned the importance of intrapreneurship,  stressing the importance of having a mindset like an entrepreneur. He further explained the concept of the BANI (Brittle,  Anxious, Non-linear, and Incomprehensible) world and elaborated on the prominence of key skills like resilience,  mindfulness, adaptability, and judgment.  

He further highlighted the importance of the transition into the realm of AI and India's innovation narrative. He emphasized  the pivotal role that startups play in fostering innovation within our nation, particularly made even more prominent by  initiatives such as, “Make in India” and how India’s startup ecosystem has boosted the next wave of innovation, making it  the third-largest producer of unicorns. He encouraged students to approach traditional challenges with fresh perspectives,  highlighting that this is the golden age of entrepreneurship in India and how innovation and adaptability serve as the driving  forces in today's ever-changing landscape. 

He also underscored the role of women entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem and highlighted the unfolding  entrepreneurial opportunities in Deep Tech, Space Tech, Sustainability and Climate Tech. 

Mr. Avnish Sabharwal’s engaging and thought-provoking perspective on entrepreneurship is sure to leave a lasting impact  on the students. The session coordinated by Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Placement Cell promised to be an  enriching experience for all, providing valuable insights into entrepreneurship and innovation.