IIM Bodhgaya Hosts Transformative TEDx Program: "Sustainability and Innovation" Takes Center Stage

IIM Bodhgaya Hosts Transformative TEDx Program: "Sustainability and Innovation" Takes Center Stage

IIM Bodhgaya proudly hosted an engaging TEDx program at the Officers Training Academy,
Gaya, revolving around the compelling theme of  "Sustainability and Innovation." The event
showcased the institute's dedication to fostering intellectual discourse and providing a dynamic
platform for the exchange of groundbreaking ideas.
Set against the esteemed backdrop of the Officers Training Academy, the event drew a diverse
audience comprising students, faculty, and distinguished guests, creating an ideal environment
for conversations that transcended conventional boundaries. The chosen theme, "Sustainability
and Innovation" aligns seamlessly with IIM Bodhgaya's commitment to addressing global
challenges through holistic and forward-thinking approaches

The roster of distinguished speakers included experts from various domains:

Ratika Khandelwal: Founder of Rooted India | Sustainability Coach
Sandeep Chatterjee: Supply Chain Leader | Sustainability Advocate, IBM
Mona Gupta: CEO, DWSSC | Advisory Council Member, UNESCAP & MSME Task Force
Rajesh Reddy: Founder & CEO, SRAF Proteins | Doctorate by WHRPC
Apurv Misal: Head of Marketing and Sales, PHOOL.co | Ecopreneur
Shivangi Narula: Founder, Skilldify
Rohit Gulati: Director of Marketing, Johnson & Johnson
Sourabh Deorah: Founder & CEO, Advantage Club
The symposium at IIM Bodh Gaya commenced with a thought-provoking talk by Director Dr.
Vinita S. Sahay, emphasizing the critical role of attention. Distinguished guests joined in a
ceremonial lamp lighting, followed by enlightening presentations.

Mr. Sandeep Chatterjee highlighted the dual dimensions of sustainability—profit and people.
Stressing the need to instill sustainability early, he remarked, “If we want to thrive in
sustainability, we have to catch it young.” Ms. Mona Gupta emphasized how “to sustain, we
must be sustainable” wherein she notably said, “if we source our raw materials right, half the
problem of sustainability is sorted”. Mr. Rohit Gulati focused on healthcare sustainability,
emphasizing global collaboration. The symposium showcased diverse perspectives,
underscoring IIM Bodh Gaya's commitment to fostering dialogue on global challenges.
The TEDx program at IIM Bodhgaya emerged as a catalyst for meaningful conversations,
sparking a collective passion for addressing environmental challenges and embracing
innovative solutions. The event is poised to leave a lasting impact on the community, fostering a
culture of awareness, responsibility, and creative problem-solving.

This event underscores IIM Bodhgaya's commitment to nurturing an environment where ideas
flourish, and intellectual curiosity is celebrated. The institute remains dedicated to pushing the

boundaries of knowledge and encouraging its community to explore innovative solutions to global challenge.