If your schools not good, we can fix them together -- Arvind Kejriwal to Sarma in Twitter spat

If your schools not good, we can fix them together -- Arvind Kejriwal to Sarma in Twitter spat

On Sunday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal poked fun at his Assam colleague Himanta Biswa Sarma, saying that if schools in the northeastern state were "not excellent," then "we can together fix them." This continued a Twitter dispute between the two politicians.

A news item citing a "closure" of some schools in Assam sparked an online spat between the two politicians on Wednesday, as Kejriwal tweeted that closing schools is not a solution and more schools should be opened around the country.

Sunday, Sarma asked Kejriwal on Twitter if he had not promised to bring Delhi on to par with London and Paris.

"When you couldn't do anything, you started comparing Delhi with small states of the Northeast. Trust me, if BJP comes to power in Delhi, it will make it the most prosperous city in the world," he wrote in Hindi.

In another tweet, Sarma said, Kejriwal was showing a desire to visit Assam, but "I feel sad and regretful that you don't feel such a desire when Assam struggles with massive calamities like flood. And, yes, your deputy chief minister @msisodia has been extended an invitation".

As the Twitter spat between the two chief ministers stretched on to Sunday, AAP chief responded to Sarma, saying "you haven't answered my question".

"When should I come to see your schools? If your schools are not good, then it is ok. We can together fix them," he wrote in Hindi.

In another tweet, Kejriwal said: "Trust me, when AAP forms a government, then we will being development there akin to Delhi's development. Will quell corruption and there would be no shortage of resources".

On Saturday, the AAP leader had asked Sarma when he might visit the northeastern state to inspect its educational facilities. The last four days have seen multiple online verbal volleys between Kejriwal and Sarma.

On Saturday, the AAP supremo tweeted in Hindi, "There is a saying we have -- If someone asks 'When should I come' and they say 'Come whenever you can', then it means 'Don't come ever'. I had asked you -- 'When should I come to see your government schools', you didn't tell me. Tell me, when should I come, only then I can come."

After reading Sarma's comments from Friday, he felt compelled to respond with a tweet. He had mocked Kejriwal in a series of tweets by pointing out the disparities between Delhi and Assam