Farewell and Orientation Program for BLIS Department Students at LS College

Farewell and Orientation Program for BLIS Department Students at LS College

A special event marked the transition for students of the Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) department at LS College, as they bid adieu to outgoing classmates and welcomed incoming peers.

The program commenced with a symbolic lamp lighting ceremony, invoking blessings for the departing students. Faculty members and seniors shared their experiences and imparted words of wisdom, urging the outgoing batch to persist in their pursuit of knowledge and excel in their careers.

Principal Prof. Om Prakash Roy emphasized the importance of continuous learning and skill acquisition for BLIS students. Encouraging them to stay curious, seek new learning opportunities, and challenge themselves, Prof. Roy highlighted the necessity of staying abreast of the latest developments in their field. In today's dynamic landscape, staying updated ensures readiness for future challenges and opportunities, benefiting students both academically and professionally. Prof. Roy urged students to prioritize enhancing IT and language skills to augment their competitiveness in the job market, emphasizing the limitless possibilities for learning and growth.

Furthermore, Prof. Roy announced arrangements for on-the-job training and workshops to provide practical, hands-on experience complementing classroom learning. Prof. Rajeev Kumar, Coordinator of IQAC, encouraged alumni to maintain connections with the institute through the college alumni association, advocating for their involvement in supporting the institution's growth and societal welfare endeavors.

The event showcased the diverse talents of BLIS students through various performances, ranging from traditional dances to musical renditions, adding a memorable and entertaining touch to the occasion. Prof. Roy acknowledged top performers in university examinations with mementos, recognizing their academic excellence.

Attendees included faculty members Dr. Navin Kumar, Dr. Vipin Kumar, Dr. Prabhas Kumar, Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. Imtiyaz, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Rohit Kumar, Dr. Rashmi Kumari, Rishi Kumar, Satyendra Kumar, as well as students Akash, Khushi, Kajal, Divya, Jyoti, among others, ensuring a vibrant and enriching gathering. #LSCollege #BLIS #FarewellOrientation #StudentSuccess