DU’s Exclusive Offer: Republic Day Participants to Get Special Chance for Missed Exams!

DU’s Exclusive Offer: Republic Day Participants to Get Special Chance for Missed Exams!

In a significant move, Delhi University has announced a unique opportunity for students involved in the Republic Day parade. According to an official statement on Thursday, participants, particularly final year students from the NCC's Delhi contingent, will be granted a ‘special chance’ to take missed exams. This initiative aims to ensure that their academic progress remains uninterrupted, allowing them to receive degrees on time.

OSD examination Ajay Arora revealed that similar considerations are being explored for students representing the university in national and international sports events, such as the Olympics. The university acknowledges the dedication of these students and aims to support their academic journey.

Final year students from Delhi University's NCC contingent, set to march at the Kartavya path on January 26, will benefit from this provision. Ajay Arora emphasised the university's commitment to accommodating these students and preventing any academic setbacks due to their parade commitments.

The university is contemplating extending this opportunity to first and second year students involved in the Republic Day parade, depending on the assessed demand for such flexibility. A dedicated date sheet will be released soon, ensuring that exams align with students' schedules, avoiding clashes with other papers.

Ajay Arora highlighted the university's broader vision stating, "We want to encourage students to learn from experiences beyond the classroom teaching. For that, it is important that they participate in such events and gain exposure. This will also help to instil a sense of nationalism in young minds."

With 2,274 cadets, including Delhi University students, participating in the NCC Republic Day march past this year, the university's initiative aligns with its commitment to supporting students in diverse extracurricular pursuits. Notably, the Republic Day parade will witness a record breaking 907 girl cadets marching, underlining the inclusivity and diversity celebrated in these significant events.