Dr Chandana Basu and Dr Garima Jain, BHU scientist awarded outreach grant of India Bioscience

Dr Chandana Basu and Dr Garima Jain, BHU scientist awarded outreach grant of India Bioscience

Dr Chandana Basu and Dr Garima Jain, both working as scientists in Centre for Genetic Disorders, BHU have been awarded the Outreach grant funded by India Bioscience. Their team is one of the five teams that has been awarded this grant this year in India. They will be working on a project “GENETIKS4U” under which they will be teaching the difficult concepts of genetics, the science of biological inheritance, to high school students (grade 9-12) through colourful illustrations, infographics, comics and story-telling. They have teamed up with Ms Nandini Chilkam, co-founder, Learn with Comics. They have chosen government schools in urban and rural areas in Varanasi.

In addition, they will also address some private schools. For better comprehension of the concept and the underlying scientific method the students will conduct the experiments themselves through hands-on activities. The picture e-books will also be freely available on the website for biology instructors and teachers to be used as resources in their classes. Initiative like these would usher in novel ways to learn and comprehend complex concepts at an early age and contribute towards nation-building. These methods have the promise to revolutionize learning since it adds to fun and adventure with learning. 

Director, Institute of Science, Prof. Anil Kumar Tripathi said, “Outreach grant by IndiaBioscience to Dr Chandana and Dr Garima will boost their enthusiasm to do and delivergenetics with a difference and to make its learning a joy”.

Prof. Rajiva Raman, Distinguished Professor, Department of Zoology and Founder Coordinator CGD said, “It’s a wonderful beginning of an era of “learning with fun” in this region. I congratulate Dr.Chandana and Dr.Garima of CGD for conceiving this idea. All my good wishes to them for a successful completion of this project which could pave the way for even more novel and interesting ways to attract young minds to science and its wonders”. 

Prof. Parimal Das, Coordinator, CGD said, “I am very glad that Dr.Chandana and Dr. Garima’s passion for science communication has now got new wings through India Bioscience. This unique endeavour in the field of science communication at BHU would be the first of its kind”. 

Dr Chandana and Dr Garima Jain said, “This India Bioscience outreach project is important to us because it allows us to channel our expertise, enthusiasm and passion towards science. We hope that this will raise awareness about how genetic testing can be used to prevent genetic diseases and create more empowered, responsible, and informed citizens in the country”.