Charusat University introduces digital paperless examination

Charusat University introduces digital paperless examination

Changa-based Charotar University of Science and Technology (Charusat) has added another feather to its laurels after becoming the first educational institute in Gujarat to start a digital paperless examination. In the current annual examination, more than 9000 students of 9 colleges of Charusat are giving the examination on tablets instead of paper. It is worth mentioning here that with this initiative 12 lakh papers which is around 150 trees are being saved and help in maintaining the environment.

In 2019, an MOU was signed between Charusat University and Littlemore Innovation Labs, a Singapore-based company. As a part of this, Littlemore Innovation Labs facilitated the university to conduct digital paperless examinations. Special training classes for the academic staff and students were conducted by them for the implementation of a digital paperless university examination system.

Initially, these exams were held for first-year students, in which more than 1500 students gave the exam.  From 2022-2023 onwards, it was decided to conduct all internal and external examinations in paperless mode, as part of which the examinations are currently being conducted on tablets.

Initially, 1250 tablets Charusat bought from Littlemore Innovation Labs on a service-based contract. But now the university itself sets up question papers, authoring, and answer sheet evaluation in the system. Questions can be asked by placing multi-media audio video.

Question papers are saved in the cloud in encrypted mode and scanned with the password, hence there is no possibility of leaking of paper. Students can write easily and it is saved instantly. Teachers check the paper and give marks on the tablet itself. Total Mark, Carry forwarding of Mark, Section Wise Mark, Course Outcome Wise Mark report all these is generated by the system.