Bihar CM Nitish Kumar trips and falls during Teachers' Day function at Patna University

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar trips and falls during Teachers' Day function at Patna University

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar tripped and fell down on the stage during a function held at Patna University campus on the occasion of Teachers' Day on Tuesday. Alert security personnel intervened and saved him from getting hurt.

The incident happened when Kumar lost his balance while proceeding towards a plaque on the stage. The plaque was unveiled by Governor Rajendra Arlekar earlier.

People present on the occasion revealed that Nitish fell down on the stage but was saved by security personnel who quickly helped him to get on his feet. The CM did not appear to suffer a serious injury as he walked without a limp to take the dais and also garlanded a portrait of former President Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, whose birth anniversary is celebrated across the country as Teachers' Day.

He later inaugurated the newly built Senate Hall of the university with Governor Arlekar and went on to address the gathering.

In the meantime, supporters of Bihar CM chanted slogans like 'Desh ka PM kaisa ho, Nitish Kumar jaisa ho'. Nitish greeted the supporters by waving his hands and moved towards the stage to attend the function.

Nitish and Arlekar were seen together at a time when tension between the state government and Raj Bhavan is brewing. Though Nitish paid a visit to Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Arlekar, tension has refused to die down.

Raj Bhavan issued a notification asking the state's education department not to cross the limit and intervene in its affairs. The notification issued by Raj Bhavan said that all university officials must adhere only to its guidelines.

On Tuesday, the Governor said that there should be coordination between Raj Bhavan and the state government. There is no question of confrontation between the two but both sides should respect each other and work in tandem, he added.