BHU Researchers Develop Herbal Ghee Fortified with Curcumin to Enhance Health Benefits and Shelf Life

BHU Researchers Develop Herbal Ghee Fortified with Curcumin to Enhance Health Benefits and Shelf Life

Researchers at Banaras Hindu University, under the guidance of Professor Dinesh Chandra Rai, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University, in the Department of Dairy Science and Food Technology, Banaras Hindu University, developed a recipe for herbal Ghee (Sanskrit: घृत). Researchers studied the functional properties of ghee and for longer storage by the use curcumin (Active component of turmeric) fortification in ghee. In this experiment, curcumin was added to ghee while making ghee. Curcumin is an element found in turmeric due to which turmeric gets yellow color and also curcumin also contains powerful antioxidants that protect the body from damage caused by oxidative stress. The risk of diseases caused by oxidative stress such as cancer, Alzheimer's, and heart disease can be avoided.

Due to turmeric. The effect of these free radicals is neutralized and the risk of diseases is reduced. Due to curcumin fortification, various beneficial effects were observed in ghee. Due to the fortification of curcumin, anti-cancer properties were also observed and other experimental tests showed various beneficial effects of ghee. Observations were made which proved that consuming developed herbal ghee can develop immunity to fight or prevent various diseases, and it was also proved that with the addition of curcumin, ghee can be stored for a longer period of time. Because with the addition of curcumin (turmeric), a reduction in the spoilage reactions in ghee was observed, due to which ghee can be used with all the properties for a long time. This research was done by a joint team of BHU and IIT (BHU). It was completed under the guidance of Professor Dinesh Chandra Rai and published in the prestigious journal Food and Humanity of Elsevier, Netherlands. The members of this research team include Dr. Sunil Meena, Assistant Professor,BHU; Prof. Raj Kumar Duary, BHU; Ms. Anita Raj and Ms. B. Keerthi Reddy, Research Scholar and Assistant Professor of IIT BHU, Jairam Meena were involved. This research was completed with the support of Institute of Eminence (IOE) grant of BHU and the researchers expressed their gratitude to the Vice Chancellor.The researchers found that fortifying ghee with curcumin not only enhanced its antioxidant properties but also increased its shelf life. The herbal ghee was found to have anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties, making it a healthier alternative to regular ghee. Vice- Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Chandra Rai who led this research team said that this innovative recipe for herbal ghee has the potential to not only benefit consumers looking for healthier food options but also to boost the dairy industry by expanding its product offerings. VC Prof. Rai hoped that this development will pave the way for more research into functional foods and their potential health benefits. He further said his research team is now looking to further explore the potential applications of herbal ghee in the food industry and are planning to conduct more studies to validate their findings.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Rai said that the objective of academic research should  be focused on solving real-world problems rather than merely achieving theoretical progress. This approach will ensure that research has tangible benefits for society and those who fund it. Additionally, prioritizing societal needs will help researchers stay connected to the broader community and ensure that their work remains relevant and impactful. and addressing important issues that can have a positive impact on society. Research should also aim to generate new knowledge and insights that can benefit both the academic community and wider society. Additionally, academic research must be conducted ethically and with integrity to maintain public trust and credibility. He said that the main goal of academic research should be to contribute to the betterment of society and meet immediate social needs.

The research fraternity at both BHU and BRA Bihar University is all praised for VC Prof. Rai's  commitment to promoting research for societal needs and their active involvement in research projects aimed at addressing nutrition issues highlight his dedication to making a meaningful impact on the society. VC Prof. Rai's  and his research team hands-on approach to research demonstrates their genuine concern for addressing the challenges faced by communities and individuaks with limited  access to nutritious food options. By actively supporting and leading these  research efforts, the VC Prof. Rai  is making a tangible difference in improving the overall health and well-being of society. In his tenure of 4 months as VC of BRA Bihar University various measures have been taken to promote research in functional food. In initiatives taken to start degree program in Dairy technology is another milestone move by university to promote research on longevity and nutrition parameters of location centric foods from this region. 

University official and faculty members extended their congratulations to Hon'ble Vice- Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Chandra Rai for addressing societal need through his research including Principal L.S College, Prof. Omprakash Roy, Proctor BS Rai, Registrar Prof. Sanjay Kumar, PRO Prof. Rajeev Jha, Former IAS and mentor, sports council Dr. Sanjay Sinha to name a few.