BHU launches Global Experience Faculty Program for its teachers

BHU launches Global Experience Faculty Program for its teachers

The New Education Policy 2020 advocates for the internationalization of Indian Institutions of Higher Education. This vision entails increased collaboration between Indian institutions and international universities or organizations, fostering joint academic and research endeavors. Banaras Hindu University is actively advancing in this direction, driven by new and innovative initiatives.

The university has introduced a new initiative known as the Global Experience Faculty Program (GEFP). This program aims to offer faculty members an opportunity to spend up to a year in top 500 global institutions (as per THE or Q-S rankings) targeting teachers who have limited international exposure in their academic careers. Launched under the Institution of Eminence at BHU, the program includes a consolidated fellowship of USD 3000/- per month and travel expenses.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sudhir Kumar Jain said the scheme is a testament of BHU’s commitment to create new opportunities of growth and excellence for its members. “We aim to ensure growth and development of our faculty members and cultivate collaborations with top-tier international institutions and have a bigger global outreach and presence of BHU”, said Prof. Jain.

BHU’s IoE Coordinator, Prof. Sanjay Kumar emphasized that the Global Experience Faculty Program provides invaluable exposure to international academic practices, elevating the teaching and research prowess of BHU’s educators. This unique opportunity to assimilate best practices from top 500 institutions is poised to make a substantial contribution to the overarching growth and excellence of Banaras Hindu University.