BHU launches 15-Day Free Yoga Orientation Course

BHU launches 15-Day Free Yoga Orientation Course

 World today acknowledges the importance of Yoga for a healthy mind, heart and body, hence, turning the “Yoga For All” initiative into a mass movement. Banaras Hindu University has been playing a significant role for very long in taking Yoga to a larger audience. The Yog Sadhna Kendra at Malaviya Bhavan of the university conducts various courses on Yoga, which are being attended by students, working professionals and people from all walks of life. However, often students after joining the course find it difficult to learn due to lack of knowledge about basic practices or activities in Yoga. In view of this difficulty being faced by students, Malaviya Bhavan, has launched fifteen day free orientation courses for Yoga enthusiasts in order to prepare them mentally and physically for joining a full-fledged program. The workshops will help students overcome their hesitation and the difficulties in performing Yoga Asanas by training their body and mind during the workshops. The orientation workshops are completely free for everyone. In wake of the 9th International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2023, the first Yoga Orientation Workshop is set to kick off from 07th June, 2023.

Prof. Raja Ram Shukla, Hony. Director, Malaviya Bhawan, informed that a 15-day Surya Namaskar workshop was also organized from 09th May to 23rd May, 2023. Nearly 125 students and 15 experts took part in the workshop which was applauded widely. Prof. Shukla said, “Yoga shows us the way to have a healthy mind and body, which ultimately translates into a healthy society and a healthy nation. Keeping this in mind, Malaviya Bhavan has started these free programs, so that participants become more confident and comfortable in joining a proper Yoga program”.

The first workshop scheduled from 07th June, will also have practice sessions on Yoga Asanas to be performed during the 9th International Yoga Day celebration on 21st June, 2023. There will also be sessions on Surya Namaskar and Dhyana Yoga.

Yog Sadhna Kendra, Malaviya Bhavan, is also planning to consider various other programs for specific groups like working men and women and housewives among others. The upcoming workshop will be inaugurated by Rector Prof. V. K. Shukla.