Anant National University launches a Climate Lab in collaboration with Visaka Industries to conduct dedicated research and innovation

Anant National University launches a Climate Lab in collaboration with Visaka Industries to conduct dedicated research and innovation

Anant National University (AnantU) launches a state-of-the-art AnantU Climate Lab, for students to study the practical application-oriented aspects of climate change. In partnership with Telangana - based, Visaka Industries Limited (VIL), a leading indigenous sustainable, eco-friendly building materials company, AnantU is building this first-of-its-kind climate tech lab with sustainable construction materials at their Ahmedabad campus. The AnantU Climate Lab is a key learning space for students of the Anant School for Climate Action that offers the Bachelor in Technology specialising in Climate Change and the Anant Fellowship for Climate Action.

The AnantU Climate Lab in its first phase will be equipped with scientific apparatus such as an automated weather station, a biosafety cabinet with HEPA filters and UV, a thermoelectric pyrheliometer that measures the intensity of solar radiation and other equipment to carry out climatic studies and implement solutions. The AnantU Climate Lab also has the SimaPRO software, to run Life Cycle Analysis simulations to gauge the impact of any product and service on the climate and on other natural resources such as water and land.

The AnantU Climate Lab will be advantageous for students of the recently launched Bachelor of Technology specialising in Climate Change, which is a 4-year-undergraduate degree course at AnantU. The BTech students will learn to run simulations, build technology solutions for mitigating or adapting to climate change at the AnantU Climate Lab.  It will facilitate students to be part of live industry climate projects that will be run at the AnantU Climate Lab, from day one of their joining.

Commenting on the launch of the programme, Dr Anunaya Chaubey – Provost, AnantU, said, “As the world is realising the severity and impact of climate change, we have to intensify efforts to study, research and build sustainable solutions. Anant Climate Lab is our effort in that direction. Here the students will get a chance to experiment, test and build on their ideas. Hand-on experience is crucial for such new and evolving sectors as climate sciences and technology”.

Commenting on the launch of the programme, Vamsi Gaddam, Joint Managing Director said, “There is no denying the impact of climate change. It affects us every day and in every aspect of our lives. We applaud Anant National University for taking the initiative to build this Climate Lab and are extremely proud to have been involved in its construction with our eco-friendly boards and integrated solar roof. We have been in the sustainable building materials industry for four decades and have no doubt that THIS is the need of the hour - to educate our students, and our future, and pass the baton of responsibility to them. Congratulations, Anant U. Here's to a more sustainable tomorrow."

“I am delighted at the partnership between Visaka Industries Limited and Anant National University. These are both organisations that are torch bearers of  India’s transition to net zero emissions, led by visionaries who cater to the needs of the present and future. Thanks to Visaka’s Atum solar roofing panels, the AnantU Climate Lab will generate its own electricity and will thus be self-sustaining. This is indeed apt and a powerful aspect that will inspire students at the Bachelor of Technology specialising in Climate Change to think beyond the usual, and create new technology solutions for mitigating and adapting to climate change” said Dr Miniya Chatterji, Founding Director, Anant School for Climate Action, and CEO, Sustain Labs Paris. 

The AnantU Climate Lab is built by Visaka Industries Limited with construction materials such as Vnext fibre cement boards that are environmentally friendly. The Lab will use Atum, an integrated solar roofing system manufactured by Visaka Industries Limited, that is unlike other solar panels which need to be separately mounted upon a racking system and placed on the truss. Atum is both - the roof and the solar panel that increases energy generation by 20%.

The Anant School for Climate Action at AnantU is the first ever school focused on climate change to be established in India and has thus far received 2700 applications from 72 countries for the next academic year. The university has been a pioneer in climate studies, climate actions and technology since its very inception. 

Visaka Industries Limited is a leading name in sustainable building materials. Established in 1981, Visaka commenced production of Cement Roofing Sheets in 1985. The company is public listed with an annual turnover of 1500 Cr. Their other brands include Vnext – India’s Largest Selling Brand of Fibre Cement Boards, ATUM Solar – The World’s 1st Integrated Solar Roof, The Wonder Yarn – Sustainable Yarn Made from Recycled PET Bottles, ATUM Charge - India’s 1st Solar Powered EV Charging Station and ATUM Life – A first-of-its-kind Sustainability Experience Centre. Visaka Industries Limited has emerged as a sustainable business enterprise and a GreenPro Certified (IGBC) organisation, with 12 manufacturing units, 13 marketing offices, and a PAN India distribution channel of over 7000 dealer outlets.